Thursday, June 29, 2006
Nas Hate Me Now Video


" People Fear What They Don't Understand, Hate What They Can't Concure " ... Killed It !!!

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Beyonce Snake / Christina Millian And Dre / Busta "The Big Bang"

Hoopz Valeisha 1 2 3
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The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift

I just watched this yesterday and I must admit It was pretty good --The Visual Part.
As Far As the Script and Cast ...IT SUCKED--BAD.
And by the way the Movie Ended..(Vin Diesel Racing) we can expect FF4

Production Companies need to stop milking these movies. There are only Three Directors that ever filmed more than 3 Movies ( Trilogy) and pulled it off.

But let me start off by telling U which movies And their Sequels they about to Milk .( I'm talking about these Teen movies)

Just to name A few

" Scary Movie " ..."Scary Movie 4" ( 2006) It wasn't Bad, but hey Keenon Wayans was the one director, Shawn And Marlon wrote the script
...Shit changed by the third one , David Zucker started directing them since then.

" Save The Last Dance "....."Steppin' Up: Save the Last Dance 2" ( 2007) Cast Ne-Yo, Colombus Short , Ray J.

" Cruel Intentions "... "Cruel Intentions 2 AND 3 " ( 2004) Old but they Milked that one.

" Bring It On"....."Bring It On: All or Nothing" (2006) Cast Solange Knowles And Rihanna


Now lets get to the Three Directors I was talking about.

1.Sylvester Stallone...".Rocky" he didn't Direct the first one , but I think he did a Hell of a Job from Rocky II To Rocky V.
This may change though --due to the fact that hes 60 years old and just finished filming "Rocky Balboa" ( Rocky 6)

(Some people just don't know when to stop.)

2.Francis Ford Coppola..." The Godfather" This one goes down in History as one of the Best Trilogy's Ever!!

3.Ice Cube..Writer And Producer ( Not Director)." Friday"....Neither " Next Friday" Or "Friday After Next" couldn't have Topped the first one , but they are all Classics...

I can watch these Three Movies and the related Sequels over and over again.

And Because we are talking about these "Teen Movies" ..(Aiming At Consumers between the age range of 16-30 years old)

"The Godfather" and "Rocky" Automatically fall off.

So Cube is the Only but Only ONE left standing.

Gotta give the man his Props.

BTW " Star Wars " And The Lord Of The Rings " not included...Why?? Not my cup of tea.

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Russel Simmons Summit / D-Nice B-Day /Valeisha Butterfield Pictures

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Larenz Tate




Melyssa Ford

Remy Ma


Puffy And Kim Porter

Guess Kim Porter wanted to make it clear that she and Puffy have ONE SOLID "RELATIONSHIP".

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Worst Rapper EVER / Shaq Hosts White Party / India Arie's "Testimony"

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Big Boi And Andre 3000


Vivica A. Fox

Young Joc , Cassie Ventura & Diddy

Fonzworth Bentley

Flavor Of Love Golddigger "Hottie"

Papa Joe Jackson

Missy Elliot

Fonzworth Bentley should have persuade a career as a Comedian instead of Rapping --Cause that Nigga always makes me laugh!!
Vivica's face about to FALL OFF!!

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T.I. At House Of BLues /
Essence PreParty / Memphis Bleek " Round Here "
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BET Awards Winners Photo Gallery

Chris Brown

Chaka Khan

Danny Glover And Harry Belafonte

LeBron James


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Shawna Album Release Party / Cherish FT Sean Paul Do It To It Video /Megan Good And Tyrese Party
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2006 BET Awards Coverage
I'm going to post BET Awards Pictures--and it's allot.
So I gotta split them up in Categories.

Hope ya'll ain't mad with the Delay.

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Khia Talks Crap Bout Janet / Whitney Houston Detox / Hip Hop Summit

Sitemap Urllist
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Memphis Bleek FT Trick Daddy & T.I.
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ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards


LL Cool J And Wife Simone

Mary Mary

Mc Lyte

MC Lyte is Wayyyyy passed those baggy jeans days, looking very Ladyishhh.
Bow Wow's Ex-Girl , Ciara looking pretty good --she should definitely keep the Dark Look.
Lady Lover's lover, Simone fixed up real nice, she got that sweet / innocent look to her --she seems like a Down To Earth Lady.

No wonder LL wifed her.

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Naomi Campbell In Court / BET Remote Room /Foxy Back In Studio

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T.I. Concert At House Of Blues


Trey Songz

Cassie Ventura

Chris Brown & Weezy F



Lil Wayne showing up at TIP's Concert definitely squashed the rumors , that T.I. And Lil Wayne had beef with one another.
Now this leaves an very important Question open-- Who was Clifford Harris taking shots at in "I'm Talkin To You" ?

As far as Hoopz , I feel SOOooo SORRrrry for Tiny --She just can't seem to SHAKE THIS MONKEY of her back.

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Hoopz Talks Trash / Chilli & Hill Harper / Who Is Brooke Crittendon
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Pain In The Azz Post
Beyonce's Deja Vu Performance Video Scrabbled The Whole Code Of The Blog Yesterday.
This was due to the fact that the code had an incorrect closing tag.

Therefore I had To remove it.

Sorry for the inconvenience .

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Valeisha Butterfield / D-Nice B-Day /HipHop Summit
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Foxy Brown Gets Back In The Studio

Foxy Brown

After a little more than a year of battling hearing loss, Inga Marchand , is ready to get back in the studio.

Foxy confirmed to MTV ( I'm the one writing this shit, just letting you know where I got MY IINFO from)that doctors successfully cured her from the rear disease called Sensorineural hearing loss.

As I looked up what type of disease Sensorineural hearing loss is-- I found out that the cause of the
problem is located in the Cranial nerve, inner ear or the central part of the brain.
The disease can be treated with a highly dose of steroids or surgery.

She really must of been through Hell. Can U imagine that you'll wake up one day and suddenly just stopped hearing.Especially as a musician--The World Just Stops.

Hope Jay picks up where they left of and speeds up ILL Na-Na's "The Rebirth" album.

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Vida Guerra Playboy/Hoopz Gets Ass WHOOPED/Game's Fiancee Valeisha

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2006 BET Awards Backstage Creations

Busta Rhymes

Chaka Chan


India Arie

Mary Mary

Brandy's Lil Brother Ray J

Miss Yolanda Adams

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Eminem New Movie/ Heidi And Seal Pregnant//Jamie & Collin "Miami Vice"
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Essence CAA Pre-Party With Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams And Kelly Roland

Michelle Williams And Papa Knowles

Verdine White And Cedric The Entertainer...

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Waist Deep Trailer/Beyonce New Problem/Hoopz Talks Trash
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To My Loyal Readers, Visitors And Google
I reached an huge amount of pageviews yesterday , passed the 1000 mark per day.
I couldn't be more content and I wanted to say Thanx.

Statcounter Stats Shown Below

And why ya'll ain't writing no comments? .....
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Ne-Yo "So Sick Affair" Presented by Never Blend In.

Dwen Curry ( Ohh Hell Naw!! )

What Da FUCK Is This Shit ???

Sadly.... The Post Continues


Angel Cornwell

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Wyclef's Wife B-day/ Ecko's "Save The Rhino"/ Megan Good Unleashed
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Chaos Hits Manhattan As Naomi Campbell Arrives To Court.

Naomi Campbell On Playboy's 1999 December Issue

( Airbrushing is not an epidemic that started after Y2K )

Miss Campbell's On Worlds News Headlines ...AGAIN

The reason the 36 year old British Supermodel had to appear in court today-- is due to the fact that shes been accused of assault by her fomer assistant Ana Scolavino.

Who claims that Ms Campbell trowed a phone at her which caused some injuries to her head-- leaving Sorvino with four stitches to be exact.

Why? Cause she couldn't find a pair of jeans.

(Yeah, She either has a serious Mental Problem OR it's the fourth time Naomi's got herself ....Another DELUSIONAL Employee working for her.)

The Judge ruled the case as adjourned ... Translation : Either you come to an agreement and fix this shit urself--case closed. And if you can't agree with each other by the deadline given by the judge--then there comes a trial.

Ms Campbell got till September 27th to make up her mind on how much money shes willing to spend to save her azz.

If there is a trial, which I highly doubt--and shes found guilty, Naomi could face up to 7 years in Jail and/or Deportation.

Shes about to write a BIG FAT CHEQUE!!

Milk that Cow...

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Mariah On Jay Leno/ Beyonce A Snake/ Cam'ron Biter Video
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Tyrese Performace Hosted By Big Tigga

Chingy, Tamela Jones and Tyrese

Brandy & Q

Mega Good

Xscape's LaTocha And Tyrese.

Look like Tyrese got himself a new alias and Tocha gained some few pounds back.

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2Pac Father Mutulu// Vida Guerra Playboy/ T.I. & Tiny On Vacation


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